Monday, June 20, 2011

Shadow Divers

My husband and I listened to Shadow Divers on a recent trip. We were in the car for hours so I planed ahead by getting several audiobooks.

Shadow Divers is the story of deep water scuba divers who find a German u-boat from WWII in the waters off New Jersey. There were no records of sinkings that matched the boat, so the divers set out to solve the mystery of what they found. The book is a cool mix of true adventure and history.

The divers found the boat in the early 90s, so their research was quite involved as it was before the internet. They met with old soldiers, poured over WWII era reports, and scoured the wreck for information. They spent a great deal of time figuring out who the men at the bottom of the sea were.

I have snorkeled, but never have been scuba diving. The scuba diving in this book is not that of your average diver. The divers were going to depths that many considered extremely dangerous and three people died during this project. These guys were the best of the best of wreck divers, but I had a hard time understanding the lengths that they went to.

Thankfully, since we were driving across southern Illinois (so. so. boring.), we really enjoyed Shadow Divers. Both of us were big fans.

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