Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Between the Lines

I was browsing amazon's selection of young adult kindle books and found Between the Lines. It was 99 cents and had good reviews so I bought it.

Between the Lines is told in alternating narration between Reid, a teen heartthrob, and Emma, his costar in the movie they are both working on. At first observation, Between the Lines appears to be about Reid and Emma's growing relationship, but it has other plot lines (Emma's relationship with her father and her relationship with her bff) that added to the story.

I liked Webber's portrayal of the characters even though I personally didn't like all of them. I thought they seemed like real people.

Between the Lines is a bit racier than a lot of young adult fiction, but it wasn't graphic. One of the pearl-clutching reviews on goodreads comments how for a book about 17-18 year olds there was a lot of drinking and the book centered around sex. Let me repeat that: 17-18 year olds and sex and drinking. Shocking.

Between the Lines was definitely worth the 99 cents I paid for it. There's a sequel coming out this fall, which I will definitely pick up. It will be interesting to see where Webber takes the characters. I think Emma's on a great path so I hope that it continues in the next book. I can lend it if anyone wants to borrow it for their kindle.


  1. I really have enjoyed a lot of the cheap/free books for my nook. It's interesting how I never would have picked them up if not for the flashing cheap sign in my head.