Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love is the Higher Law

I picked this up, or rather ordered it on my Kindle, on September 11th. My friend Pinky posted about it, and I immediately bought it. I was 20, an adult who had just spent the summer in Washington, DC, a junior in college on 9/11/01.

The students I teach were 9,10,11 when it happened. They remember the incident itself, but don't necessarily remember life before. It has really struck me how this will be a generational thing. There will be the people who remember and those who weren't around yet.

I visited the WTC site in May. Being there brought back such vivid memories of that terrible day. I'm from the south so wasn't anywhere near it and don't know anyone who was there. I did watch it all unfold on tv--from when it just seemed to be a commuter plane accident through the craziness of the afternoon and the immediate outpouring of grief.

So, back to the book. I really enjoyed it. It was interesting for me to read the characters who were just a little younger than I was at the time. I love stories with intertwining characters. The time line of the book was from the moment it happened to a year later, which was interesting to see how the characters pulled out of the enormity of the tragedy and on with their lives.

As I was putting this book on goodreads shelves, I thought, "Holy crap. This is historical fiction." It's about the most recent historical fiction you could have, but it was written several years after the fact. I am older than characters in a historical fiction novel!

It was a good read. If you want to remember some of your feelings--or experience some because you weren't old enough at the time, definitely pick it up.

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