Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 SuBC Winner!


I am one of the winners of my online book club's seasonal book challenge! As a reward, I get to choose one of the categories for the upcoming fall challenge.

Some of the ones we've had:

read a book and write the author
read a book and fix a meal inspired by it
read a book by Stephen King
read a book that is over 700 pages
read a classic that's over 500 pages and was originally published in a foreign language

I have a couple ideas, but nothing really good. Any suggestions?


  1. What about:

    *Read a book that your spouse/family member/friend loves that you do not want to read

    *Read a book whose author's initials are the same as yours

    *Read the highest-ranked classic book on the Modern Library Top 100 novel list that you haven't previously read

    *(turning one of the above around...)Read a book most closely inspired by your favorite meal

    *Read a book about a sport you hate

    *Read a book about a politician/person in history you don't agree with

    OMG, I've got a 1000 ideas. How do I join this bookclub? :)

  2. Well, since there are a few spots still open and I am only two books away from finishing...I'm not telling you my picks! :) But I will give you an idea - what about reading a banned book? Or reading a high school book that you hated? Or reading a LGBT novel?

  3. Yay! Congratulations on finishing!