Thursday, September 16, 2010

How about we ban stupidity instead of books?


I've been reading about books that have been challenged or banned. Most of the challenges make me want to scream at their sheer stupidity.

Walter, the Farting Dog was challenged because it used the words "fart" and "farting" twenty-four times.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-Time: challenged because it could pollute young minds.

To Kill a Mockingbird promotes racial hatred and division by using racial epithets.

Nickel and Dimed promotes "economic fallacies," socialism, and drug use.

Twilight is too sexual.

Real Girl/Real World: Tools for Finding Your True Self explores feminism.

Non-fiction books support the scientific theory of evolution.

Or the Alabama legislator that suggested a bill that would prohibit spending public money on books that recognized or promoted homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

My goodness. Have these people even read these books?!


  1. The Twilight is too sexual one makes me laugh every time I hear it! Those books are like the abstinence only education, sex-marriage-combo proponents dream come true.

  2. I wish I could e-mail this to you instead . . . I hate to put this in your comments, but it's like when your friend has spinach in her teeth and you have to tell her . . . you may want to change "epitaphs" to "epithets."

    I'm so sorry I'm that person. It's a disease. I caught it from my mom.

  3. @Kathy Thanks! I don't like spinach in my teeth!

  4. Those reasons are asinine. Something should be banned because of the word "fart"? Seriously?!

  5. Twilight's about the least sexual book for teens ever!