Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Abundance of Katherines

My YA reading friends are all big fans of John Green. I didn't know much about any of his books, but I liked the idea of An Abundance of Katherines. The main character has dated an abundance of Katherines. One of my dear friends dated several guys of the same name, so the book stuck out to me, and I've had to on my TBR list for a couple years.

An Abundance of Katherines was definitely worth the read. I thought it was a really smart book.

The book starts off the the main character being dumped by his girlfriend, Katherine (#19.) Colin, the main character, and his hilarious friend Hassan decide to go on a road trip. Colin gets over the break-up, and Hassan makes some important decisions. For me, Hassan was the best part of the book. His humor and view on life kept me laughing the whole time.

I also have Green's Paper Towns which I think I'll enjoy.

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