Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Giver and dystopian novels

One of the categories in the book challenge is a dystopian novel. I have heard great things about The Giver and it's a Newbery winner. Another of Lowry's books, Number the Stars, is one of my favorite children's books.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm really not a fan of dystopian stories. I'm not sure I can articulate why, but the depressing nature of them is part of it. This is somewhat of a weird thing for me to say because I read and enjoy lots of non-fiction on depressing topics. I do like 1984, but I love Orwell.

I read The Hunger Games last winter and felt the same way. Twenty of so pages in to The Giver, I did not want to continue. I wouldn't have if it weren't a part of the book challenge. Needless to say, I'm not chomping at the bit for Mockingjay.

I think I'm done with dystopian novels for awhile. It might sound silly to give up on the genre after a couple books, but I've also had The Handmaid's Tale on my shelf for a long time. Every once in awhile, I'll pick up and then immediately think, "I really don't want to read this." Plus, life's too short for books you don't enjoy.


  1. I actually felt less depressed when finished with Handmaid's Tale then other dystopian books I have read lately.

  2. I happen to love dystopian novels, but I agree with what you said - life IS too short to read books you don't enjoy! You may want to take a break from reading book blogs this week as I'm sure we'll be obnoxious with our Mockingjay posts. haha

  3. I haven't read or don't remember reading The Giver, but I really liked The Handmaid's Tale. I think you just have to get over the hump at the beginning? I hope you decide to finish it.

  4. I really enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale too, but if you aren't into it, you aren't into it. Not every book is for everybody. So I'm with you, if you don't enjoy it, don't read it!