Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can I tell you how much I love my Kindle?

I really freaking love it.

Since I got it about a month and a half ago, I've read seven books on it. I have bought a few and found lots of free books online. I've gotten those free e-books both from the Amazon Kindle page and Project Gutenberg.

Getting books from Amazon is super easy. Ridiculously easy. Getting the ones from Project Gutenberg requires a couple more steps, but is also a quick and painless process. (Nook users can also use Project Gutenberg. It has book files in many different formats.)

I took my Kindle with me when I traveled to Georgia earlier this month. Anytime I travel, I end up taking lots of books. This trip, I took two paper books and my Kindle. I actually had room in my suitcase for other stuff and lots of reading choices on the Kindle.

Another plus about the Kindle is not having to hold it open like a regular book. It's very easy to read in bed or while eating since all you have to do is hit the next page button.

And one feature I thought was unnecessary, but find really helpful: the dictionary. You can move the cursor to any word on the page and a definition will pop up. I'm surprised how much I've already used it.

Overall, I'm thrilled with it. I was skeptical before I got my Kindle, but it's totally won me over. I LOVE it.


  1. I love the dictionary option on my nook. Saves me from googling something on my phone or having to lug out the dictionary. Glad you are enjoying the kindle!

  2. I ordered a Kindle the other day. It won't ship until September 10th. I'm being tortured because the cover arrived today. Waiting, waiting... Thanks for writing about the dictionary. When I'm reading, I'm usually too lazy to look words up. I'm also too lazy to write them down to look up later.

    By the way, I love the cat photos on your other blog:)