Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kindle v. Nook

With the recent drop in price of both the Kindle and the Nook, I decided it was time for me to look at e-readers.

Since I live in the middle of Wyoming, I didn't have the chance to try either one out. So, I bought both with the intention of making my decision after test-driving them.

I chose the


-The Kindle's screen was crisper.

-I liked the feel of the Kindle better.

-The Nook showed up with a bum battery. I know I could have gotten this replaced, but it didn't make me feel great about the Nook. (Also, since then, a friend with a Nook had the frame crack. B&N mailed her a new one, but this doesn't seem to be a rare issue. Perhaps because the Nook's frame is all one piece of plastic and the Kindle has separate buttons for page forward, etc.?)

-Since I don't live close to a B&N, the freebie books in the store weren't something that mattered to me.

-The Kindle was easier to navigate even though the Nook has a touch screen. The touch screen was really slow.

-The lending feature on the Nook was cool, but only lending a book once for two weeks at the most didn't overcome the other issues.

-The Kindle works with audible.com, which is where I get many audio books.

I really agreed with this article about the differences between the two. I think I just liked the feel of the Kindle better, though that certainly plays in with the crispness of the screen, the frame buttons, and the navigation that I mentioned.

I'm definitely glad I tried them both so I was sure I got the one I wanted.


  1. You know where I stand on this :) But I really think it comes down to what ya want. I totally get you going with the Kindle since you don't live near a B&N. That would be a big factor for me.

    Enjoy it!!

  2. You just had to shout out my broken button, didn't you?! :):) You have to do what works for you and if the Kindle feels better in your hand, that's what works. I'm glad you made the jump either way! :)

  3. I loved this review, it really helped confirm my purchase of my Kindle. I am so excited that I got one!!

  4. Wahoo Kindle!! I know you love a real book, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle, and I hope you end up loving it as much as I do! Keep me posted!

  5. I am debating e-readers right now - thanks for the post! My only hesitation with the Kindle is that library books will not work on it but I do think it looks (and best I can tell, performs) better than the Nook.