Sunday, June 20, 2010

So You Want to Be President?

Oh my goodness this book is funny. I'm sure some of my enjoyment of it comes out of my interest in political science, but I'd recommend it to anyone who wonders how in the heck idiots turn in to the people running the country. I laughed out loud so many times, both at the ridiculousness of the book, but also at its crazy being so close to reality.

One of the funniest sections is merits to being qualified for President. Some of those merits?

-Shot a man in a duel (but not just to watch him die)
-Penchant for stovepipe hats
-Cartoonishly large ears
-Starred in a movie opposite a chimpanzee
-Having a very embarrassing sibling
-Having had "other priorities" at a time of war

Another good section is the one on Tim Russert, which sadly no longer applies.

The biographical blurb says that Warner is writing professor at Clemson. I'd love to take a class from him. (Well, if I wanted to take anymore classes, which I don't really.)

Well worth the read. Pick it up to get yourself in the 2010 election spirit!


  1. Tim Russert...that makes me sad all over again!

  2. Thanks for the rec- this sounds like something Shaun would love.