Friday, June 25, 2010

Sleepover Friends

Lovely Little Shelf has a Friday Flashback feature that highlights a book read in childhood.

I recently found a copy of the Sleepover Friends book Kate's Camp-Out in the free bin at the library. I remember loving this series as a kid. I picked it up and read it quickly. It's another childhood series that's out of print.

They are simple books that revolve around a group of fifth grade friends that have sleepovers every weekend. Between the Sleepover Friends and the Babysitter's Club I always wondered why I didn't have a similar group of friends that did things like that. It makes more sense now. Did anyone have something like these groups?

One passage in the book made me gasp though:

"I could stand to walk off some of this breakfast," Stephanie said, licking cream cheese and jam off her finger, "before it collects on my hips."

Eeek! This is a 5th grader saying such things.

Besides that, I thought it was a cute book about friendship.


  1. I read TBSC like crack but I have never heard of this series. I always wanted a group of friends like that too!