Monday, May 17, 2010

New York Public Library

I visited the New York Public Library today. In addition to Strand, it was a book must-do.

The facade is being renovated. The lions were still visible, guarding the steps.

The stonework throughout the building was beautiful.

Like any current library, the card catalog is online. However, the 1972 catalog books are still housed for the public to use.

The individual cards were combined in the pages. What a task that would have been.

This is the main reading room. It was so beautiful.

My guide book described the reading room as cathedral like. I agree. I find libraries as such sacred places. They reflect my belief in the power of knowledge and joy in books.


  1. I wish I would have went inside when I was in NYC several years ago. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looks like you enjoyed your visit.

  2. That is gorgeous!! I just realized that's the library they hid inside in the movie "Day After Tomorrow"

  3. Have you seen this? :)