Sunday, October 17, 2010

Film and Lit class

I'm teaching another Film and Lit in Politics class this spring. It is a 2000 level course. The list:

Size and scope of government

The Lord of Flies, Golding


Funny in Farsi, Dumas

Foreign Relations/War

The Quiet American, Greene

In the Time of the Butterflies, Alvarez

Maus, Spiegelman (I am expecting and prepared for some skepticism about a graphic novel.)


A Modest Proposal, Swift

There Are No Children Here, Kotlowitz


The Help, Stockett

To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee

The Media

All the President's Men, Woodward and Bernstein (I know some people will watch the movie instead of reading the book, but the movie is good and has Robert Redford.)

What do you think? There's a lot, but A Modest Proposal is short and Maus is quick. I think all of them are fairly easy to read. (They aren't Faulkner!) Since I finally got the books nailed down, I'm getting excited about teaching the class.


  1. Great books!

    If the graphic novel thing works out for you, you may want to look into this one for immigration:

    I heard M.T. Anderson talking about it this summer at a conference and it sounds fascinating. Heather read it (or doesn't have any words) and said it was just amazing. It seems like it really captures the immigrant experience in a unique and touching way.

  2. I want to take your class! Does The Help have a movie out yet? If so, I really want to see it 'cause the book was wonderful. Great job on All the President's Men. My favorite "Thriller" of all time!

  3. I haven't read all of these either, but the ones I have read are great. I want to take your class too.

  4. I'm sure I've said this before, but I want to come take your class! It sounds like one I'd love - and all your choices are excellent.